We, the various undersigned Regular Baptist Churches of Jesus Christ, desiring to perpetuate unity and maintain correspondence with each other, by the grace of God, do assemble ourselves together trusting alone in God, whose grace is sufficient. Oh, that He may work in us both to will and to do that our light may shine before men to the glory of God; that we may be as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves. We agree to keep the rules of an association according to the following form of government:


Art. 1

This body shall be known as Enterprise Association of Regular Baptists. It shall be composed of one lay delegate from each church only, belonging to that body, and each church shall be entitled to one vote.


Art. 2

Each church shall have one vote in this Association, same to be by delegate appointed or selected by such church or his alternate appointed or selected by the church and in the absence of both delegate and his alternate, the moderator of such church shall have the right to vote for such church.


Art. 3

The object of this association shall be to promote among the churches thereof sympathy, fraternal union, and mutual cooperation.


Art. 4

This association shall have no power over the churches other than the right to inquire into their condition to advise them, and to withdraw her fellowship from each as may be corrupt in doctrine or practice.


Art. 5

This association shall meet annually at such time and place as shall be determined by the association.


Art. 6

The moderator, assistant moderator, clerk, and assistant clerk shall be chosen by the suffrage of the delegates present; they shall be eligible to succeed themselves.


Art. 7

It shall be the duty of the permanent moderator to proceed immediately to appoint such committees as may be necessary to conduct the business of the association.


Art. 8

Any regular Baptist church may be admitted to membership in this association by a two-thirds vote of the membership present.


Art. 9

There shall be a permanent record book kept, wherein a record of the proceedings of every session of the association shall be recorded by the clerk and the records be available at every business session of the association.


Art. 10

Any motion for amendment to the constitution or articles of faith shall be reduced to writing and filed with the clerk and shall not be voted on or passed at the same session, but must lie over until the next session for final consideration and vote. Said motion shall be printed in the minutes of the association.